Residential Pest Control Manchester

Residential Pest Control Manchester

Pests are extremely irritating. They can lead to serious health risks to adults, children, pets, and also damage your property. When your home is under attack from pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches, fleas, wasps, bedbugs or wildlife, we can help resolve the problems. Pestaxe Pest Control offers one-off services, monthly maintenance programs, or annual treatments to resolve your particular pest problem.

Pests eliminated efficiently and effectively.

Pests eliminated efficiently and effectively

Our aim is to solve your pest control issue and prevent it from reoccurring. To do this our technicians need to have the right products and tools, so we make sure each service van is fully equipped. All our vans carry proofing materials as standard, so we can undertake most works there and then. As part of our service, we may also advise you to do few actions to reduce future pest problems. These may include cleaning up food sources or areas that are inviting to pests such as removing debris, fixing plumbing leaks, or repairing structures.

Pestaxe Pest Control residential services include:

  • Extermination of mice and rats
  • Elimination of insects such as wasps, cockroaches, ants, moths, bedbugs and fleas.
  • Building proofing to prevent pest access and intrusion
  • Wildlife trapping and removal

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