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Ants are common everywhere and you are as likely to find them in Manchester. Ants become pests once they come into homes searching for food.  They are most commonly attracted to sweet, high sugar foods. When garden ants are foraging for food they can become a real nuisance, often walking over unpleasant and dirty surfaces

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Cockroaches are an extremely common household and commercial pest, they are known to hold and transfer diseases for example dysentery, poliomyelitis, gastroenteritis & typhoid. Cockroaches are usually associated with dirt and poor housekeeping however we often find cockroaches will travel from adjoining properties in search for new suitable expansion sites. Cockroaches generally will eat anything,

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Flies can transmit a wide range of diseases including Salmonella, Dysentery, Tuberculosis, Cholera and Parasitic Worms due to them eating decaying matter (rotting food and excrement) and transferring this to food sources we consume. Whilst there are thousands of species of flies the most common problems arise from the Common House Fly, Blow Flies,

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Wasp Nest Removal

We Charge A Fixed Price Of £35 To Treat Wasp Nests When you first discover the presence of a wasp nest in the home or business premises, it can be something of a traumatic experience. The initial thoughts are likely to be focused on the safety of the family

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There are three kinds of moth commonly found as pests in the home, The Clothes moth, The Brown House moth and the White-Shouldered House moth - which cause damage to clothes, carpets and soft furnishings made from natural fibers. The smallest of the three, the adult clothes moth is a uniform pale gold colour and

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Fleas are a frequent problem in homes, particularly where cats and dogs are present. People may also encounter a flea infestation when moving into a house where pets previously lived. Common signs are the experience of bites, often on the lower leg. Fleas are a nuisance to animals and humans, and also cause medical

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Bed bugs have become an epidemic in some cities in recent years.  Bed bugs are the size of an apple seed or smaller. They hide in the cracks of beds during the day until the nighttime when they feast on sleeping humans. It’s hard to tell if your bed is infested because sometimes people don’t exhibit any

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