Squirrel Pest Control

The Grey Squirrel was deliberately introduced to Britain from North America by the Victorians between 1876 and 1929 as a pet. They are now found resident in most types of woodland and park areas. Grey squirrels are classed as an invasive pest species in the UK.

Squirrels are very destructive, especially if they have access to lofts or buildings. They also cause huge amounts of damage to forests by bark stripping.

Squirrels can be legally controlled in 3 ways:

Trapping squirrels is generally the most effective way to control them, as they are not too hard to catch. The use of lethal and non lethal traps is allowed and these must be checked at least once every 24 hours to comply with current legislation. Live caught Grey Squirrels must not be released into the wild and must be disposed of humanely

Shooting can also be an effective method of control if the situation allows. Drey poking and the shooting of squirrels can achieve good control levels.

In certain part of the UK it is legal to use poison bait against grey squirrels. Only one bait is approved for this use and may only be used in specially designed and approved hoppers.

Serious damage can occur in residential areas where Grey Squirrels will enter roof spaces, and damage cables and woodwork, potentially causing a fire hazard. They will also damage trees by gnawing and stripping bark that can kill the tree. Holes are dug in lawns and gardens to bury food.
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