Pigeons Pest Control

Bird fouling can be a serious hazard when in a pubic place such as roofs, guttering, window ledges and shop fronts. More commonly if birds find an opportunity to enter a loft or roof space they will start nesting immediately. We do Bird Spiking and Netting for areas and buildings where birds roost and cause health risks to the public. Bird Spiking and Netting is a very effective way of controlling birds and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

We also use live predatory response to target pest bird species, natural predators like our Harris Hawk kassara which are trained to give chase and deter birds from causing a public nuisance by breeding, roosting and perching in places where they are not welcome. The results are often immediate and impressive. We find the customers which this service is most suited to are stadiums, car parks, train sheds, power stations, warehouses, office blocks ect.

If you’re experiencing bird problems around your home or business, give us a call today on 0161 637 0339 and book a free survey. Before any bird control treatments are applied, a full site survey will need to be carried out. The site survey is free and will show the level of infestation and it will also show what kind of treatment will be required to fully eradicate bird problems.