Mice Pest Control

The presence of mice in a building can be catastrophic to both reputation and building fabric. Mice need to gnaw constantly as their teeth grow aggressively throughout their lives. They often turn their destructive instincts to pipe work, electrical cables and actual buildings, causing fires floods and expensive repair bills. Pestaxe Pest Control offers an immediate mice pest control response for eliminating mice and rodents in Manchester area.

As well as damage to property Mice are also the vectors of disease and carry tuberculosis, salmonella, gastro- enteritis, rat bite fever, leptospirosis (wiels disease) and numerous others all of can cause serious illness or death. Their droppings and fur will also contaminate food preparation surfaces and foodstuffs. Rodents are incontinent and consequently foul wherever they travel.

Mice breed at an alarming rate. It is estimated that if two mice were left in a building with a food source for twelve months their population would grow to 2000.

We cover homes and businesses in Manchester

Pestaxe Pest Control technicians understand the habits of Mice and have a powerful range of pest control for mice techniques to deal with mice and other rodents.

We cover both homes and businesses.

After establishing the type and species of pest present, a baiting program should be implemented. Our technicians work as mice exterminator without endangering people or non-target animals within the area. We are aware of the continuous changes that occur within a nest and we consider this when assessing your property. Baits, therefore, have to be inaccessible to other animals. When dealing with homes we normally offer a three visit mice control plan, The initial visit includes – full site survey to determine the size, cause and what control methods are appropriate. Followed by placement of control measures (e.g baits or traps). On the second visit baits are refilled and the control strategy is modified if needed. The third visit is a full site check to ensure the infestation has been eliminated. Control points are removed if required.

As well as the three treatment visits plan we also offer our Pest Control and Prevention Service to businesses and commercial premises. Our Pest Prevention Service Contract gives you peace of mind knowing that pest control experts are taking care of any pest problems in your business premises. With more and more businesses joining our pest prevention scheme this service became one of our main specialities. We are the experts when it comes to pest prevention in offices, shops, restaurants, food manufacturing, hotels, schools, pubs, bars, cafes, estates, factories, sports grounds, caterers, takeaways and other businesses.

Pestaxe Mice Pest Control Services Manchester

For further information about mice pest control and removal in Manchester call us today on 0161 637 0339 and we can help you protect your home or business from Mice.