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Mouse Control

Mice are a common pest, in both domestic and commercial premises. They are well adapted to living in close contact with humans and thrive in the conditions that man provides. They can cause extensive damage to property as a result of their gnawing activities, and also by eating and contaminating food. Mice may carry

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Rat Control

Rats forage quite widely for food. Normally you will notice well trodden rat runs along fences, walls or under sheds or garages, holes with gnaw marks or smoothed edges, especially near drain inspection covers or going under concrete paths. Any rat infestation on your premises must be eradicated. If you ignore it the infestation

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Commercial Solutions

The presence of any pests in a business can be embarrassing and has the potential of leading to the loss of current and potential customers. Pestaxe Pest Control commercial can offer you a proactive approach to your pest control needs. We monitor and eliminate all common pests in your premises such as mice, rats, cockroaches

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Rodent Control

Rats pose significant health risk to humans and pets and carry diseases including salmonella, Weils disease, E-coli, cryptosporidiosis and tuberculosis. Rats Pest Control also carry fleas, mites and ticks and can cause acute allergic reactions. It is extremely serious if rats get into your home, even if they are not in a living area. Any

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Insect Control

Ants are common everywhere and you are as likely to find them in Manchester. Ants become pests once they come into homes searching for food. They are most commonly attracted to sweet, high sugar foods. When garden ants are foraging for food they can become a real nuisance, often walking over unpleasant and dirty surfaces

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Bird Control

Bird fouling can be a serious hazard when in a pubic place such as roofs, guttering, window ledges and shop fronts. More commonly if birds find an opportunity to enter a loft or roof space they will start nesting immediately. We do Bird Spiking and Netting for areas and buildings where birds roost and cause health

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